I do know that Erasmus+ plus exists and that it offers the possibility for personal and professional growth

I know what is a difference between a youth exchange, a training course and an organized holiday

I’m not afraid to speak and work in English

I can survive 6-7 days without hard-partying every night

I’m ready to read an info pack carefully, even 2 times if needed

I understand the aims of Facilitation Academy

I am committed taking part in a journey including three residential trainings and a youth exchange from summer 2022 to November 2022
If the third training will be held online, I will still participate with my full activity

I’m ready to step out of my comfort zone and try out my facilitation skills in a youth exchange

I’m ready to work on my skills, develop my knowledge and reflect on my attitude in order to …?

I am into learning from the others

I practice to “listen to” and not just the “speak to”

I have contact with the partner organization of my country

I will involve my organization in this project

I am available to share my experiences related to Erasmus+

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Application deadline:

2 May 2022

The selection will be made with the involvement of the partner organizations, the results of which will be notified to all applicants by 5 May 2022 at the latest.

Participants have to return the signed contract by 15 May 2022, confirming their intention to participate.